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Real investments

Real investments

We have a number of options that will help you make your investments profitable at the lowest possible risk based on your investment profile. Direct private equity investments and diversification of your portfolio in a range of real estate assets are two solutions put offered by to achieve this.

Private equity

Partial or full investments in unlisted companies are currently an attractive option for our investors. Depending on each customer's investment profile and on the risk they are prepared to take, we instrumentalise private equity investments via structured products, investment funds, or direct investment..

Real estate market: advice and investments

Real estate is of strategic importance in portfolio composition, which is why we give importance to all the factors that have a bearing on the management of real estate assets when integrating them into the overall portfolio: legal and fiscal, return on the current portfolio and the viability of new products, agency services and financial products.

At the same time, we offer an added value service by means of:

  • Credit recovery companies that provide opportunities to acquire property assets at distressed prices at auction, via third party assignment in an auction, and debt purchases, or directly from financial institutions.
  • Real estate investment funds that provide you with an investment vehicle that allows you to invest in a diversified portfolio comprising different property assets.
  • Direct investments in real estate assets that give you the option of acquiring assets that are undervalued on account of current market conditions and that have potential or will yield future returns.

We can also provide access to opportunities in specific markets such as the United Kingdom and Germany, etc.