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Lifestyle services, Philanthropy and Arts

provides comprehensive management of clients’ wealth, which includes their lifestyle assets, investments in art, as well as philanthropy. We aim to facilitate discreet, objective and personalised management of our clients’ wealth and offer a full range of lifestyle, art and philanthropy services to help our clients achieve their objectives. 

Lifestyle services

provides its clients with a framework for efficient, effective planning and administration of their lifestyle assets and family welfare.


    •  Global healthcare advice
    •  Education
    •  Security
    •  Household  and  personal staff management
    •  Relocation, property management and logistics
    •  Acquisition/charter of private jets and yachts
    •  Access to collectibles (fine wine, cars, antiques, etc.)

We aim for addressing our clients’ needs and goals concerning their art investments and art-related activities.


    •  Art market research
    •  Acquisitions and sales advice
    •  Access to exhibitions, private viewings, major art galleries
    •  Verification of authenticity, condition and provenance of works of art
    •  Art collection management, logistics and storage
    •  Networking with collectors and galleries

Our objective is to satisfy our clients’ charitable aspirations, which are integrated within their financial planning strategies.


    •  Researching news and opinions in the charitable world
    •  Investigating strategies for clients’ philanthropy and/or social investments
    •  Creating appropriate vehicles for giving
    •  Corporate Social Responsibility programmes
    •  Set-up and management of charitable foundations